04 Apr

Pavan Pavan Pavan Pavan
Par Para Pavan Guru
Pavan Guru Wahe Guru
Wahe Guru Pavan Guru

Pavan – The Divine Breath.
Par Para – From Beyond the Beyond.
Pavan Guru – Breath is the Teacher.
Wahe Guru – The Experience of the Divine.

” The air, the air, the air, the air. The Infinity and beyond the Infinity. The air is the Guru. The air is the Guru. Wha! The Guru is beyond description. Wha! The Guru is wonderful. The air is the Guru.” 

The mantra is the pure pranic energy. There is no better healing method then this mantra. Pavan represents the energy or the prana (which is the life force). Pavan is the air, the breath, carrier of the prana, the life force. 

This mantra talks about the breath as a great teacher. This mantra increases the pranic energy and gives the experience of having the universal force within you.

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